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"Ayeena Lemore (MJ1, ICCMaj) Announces a Contract for Dan and Marci in the public, 2023. Information pending."


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On NOVEMBER 19, 2015, this little seen video/audio was uploaded to YouTube as a "TIME MARKER" for a reason by Marci/Dan of Eagles Disobey 

(On January 9, 2022 this article was updated to secure the video/audio in case opponents attempt to destroy it.)

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Shall We Agree To Remain In A Real, Sane, World?



Notice: Time Marker Set In-Place:  19:00 hrs  February 25, 2022 (EST)

Discovery Notice:  A discovery has occurred involving Gale Crater.  This discovery has to do with imagery from SOL3396.  This discovery is a match to poriferan morphology.  This discovery is protected at this time and will be fleshed-out under the names of the people involved shortly.

If anyone (other than us) claims that they discovered it, then they will have to defend the date and time.

All images provided herein are copyrighted to Lady Marcia Ann, Ph.D., D.D.

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Dr. Marcia A. Crain has continuously operated the Site Eagles Disobey, since 1998, during the writing and publishing of Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars.  (Below is a photo of Dan and Marci taken in 1998, during a book signing event, with a copy of their autographs on the interior cover of Eagles Disobey.


A few copies of the book (in mint condition) are still available, along with surviving originals of the Print-Cells.  Reach out to the team, if you are interested in obtaining a set.  (An email address is available in the Contact section).

Note:  eaglesdisobey.net is the only official websitesite for Drs Dan and Marci - all others are copycats. Please govern your use of them accordingly.

Some people have asked why we maintain the website in a form, reminiscent of 1999 website design.  The answer is two-fold.

Dr. Dan likes it that way. 'Nuf said.  But there is also another reason - wanna-be websites almost always show a more modern flair in the website design. That's a dead give-away that you're not dealing with the real site.

It's actually harder than you might think to install code on 21st century servers that preserves the look, feel and functionality of a pre-2000 website.  It's far easier to opt for a pre-made design that looks like everybody else's website.  Current server-side applications do not always handle older code, which is why keeping Eagles Disobey looking like the original is a labor of love.

Rest assured that we have engineered modern protections into the website in keeping with industry standards, while maintaining the look and feel of the original.  So grab a cup of coffee, kick your shoes off and have a look around.....

How it all Started: 

Dr. Dan Crain came to public attention as one of the very few scientists from Area-51/S4 who had ever come forward to tell of his experiences at that remote and secretive base in the Nevada desert. Most of the people he worked with (in Project Aquarius) are now dead - but thankfully Dan was highly favored by the person in charge of Majestic (during those years), and survived his experiences at that location.

Unfortunately, what he knew made him into a prisoner, living under horrific conditions and subjected to abuse, and even torture so that the people in charge at the time (Majestic-12) would always have access to his talents in microbiology, and he would always be at BlackOps disposal. Unknown to most and assisted by Dr. Marcia (McDowell) Crain. Dan and Marci struggled against his captivity and battled overwhelming odds for him to be free - a fight that took almost 18 years of dedicated effort.


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