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It's time, with the world in crisis to bring out the UNITY flyer again, to remind people that we need to find strength together, rather than let anything drive us apart.

Please click on the flyer provided below, which will print well on a standard 8.5" x 11" paper, and make as many copies as you like. We encourage everybody to distribute the flyers anywhere that they might remind people that we need Unity right now, in order to survive.

They can be put up on power poles, on bulletin boards at colleges and universities, anywhere that people walk or gather. Leave them discreetly at doctor, clinic or dentist office waiting rooms. There are literally thousands of places to distribute this message of UNITY, where people will see it.

Together we can overcome anything, and UNITY is the key!

Copy and print out the flyer below:

After a Decade, you can see for yourself.....

This is what Dr. Dan talked about in 2006:

This is what has just hit the news in 2016 - a decade later:

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Global Warming - February 2016

The Washington Post printed this map and information about the effects of Global Warming, at 10:58 am on Feb 18, 2016, as massive amounts of Arctic ice is in jeopardy of melting. The orange, red and brown sections show areas that are experiencing warmer than normal temperatures. Many of these areas have been in a relative heat wave for two to three years. This year appears to be as bad or worse than the previous years.

The effects of this heat will be enormous, including damage to the Atlantic Conveyor - as Dr. Dan predicted approximately 25 years ago.

Many of you may remember that he voiced this potential issue when speaking to scientists and lay persons alike in Las Vegas, NV on the campus of (then) CCSN, as well as other venues.
Many of the scientists got up and walked out - refusing to even listen to Dr. Dan's warnings. But that did nothing to prevent this situation. Like the 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil' illustration of monkeys covering their ears, eyes and mouths - simply refusing to see what is happening won't make it go away - a fact that certain scientists may at last be having to handle without resorting to ridicule.

Global Warming is a fact - it's all over the news, on videotape and in countless scientific journals. Remember the tragic pictures of the Polar Bears struggling to stay afloat on icebergs that were a quarter of the size they should have been? Entire islands have been swallowed up by the rising ocean levels at different parts of the world, and even parts of Miami are starting to experience periodic flooding which has not been seen in recent memory (unless accompanied by a hurricane or other massive weather event).

The facts around the world are bearing out what Dr. Dan said. If the Arctic ice continues to melt at this record rate, we will soon be faced with the very real situation of the Atlantic Conveyor current shutting down.

For those of you who are not familiar with this ocean current, it is a very slow and very crucial element that makes our oceans and our climate work.
It is driven by differences in density between the warmer southern waters and the cooler arctic waters. If the arctic water salinity is diluted (due to the melting of the ice in the Arctic and Greenland) the northward movement of southern water which accounts for the temperate climates we are accustomed to, will grind to a halt.

If this happens, we should expect to be flung first into a deep cold period (ice age or mini-ice age) followed by a period of excessive heat as the greenhouse effect rebuilds and the conveyor reboots itself.

Dr. Dan also said, many years ago that regardless of which way things went, there would be "no free lunch". That meant that our future was not going to be easy regardless of the path we walked.

Scientists have been charting the stability of the Atlantic Conveyor for several years and have made some chilling announcements, which ultimately have proven to be so unpopular with readers and TV viewers that their findings are pushed off the news cycle and buried so deep in 'yesterday's news' that nobody remembers them after a day or two. The problem is, after that day or two goes by, the problem is still here. And ultimately, too few people are paying attention.

The entire is located at the following website address (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2016/02/18/scientists-are-floored-by-whats-happening-in-the-arctic-right-now) and in case the original article falls off the news cycle, we have provided the article in its entirety (Click Here)on the Eagles Disobey website for reference.

About Drs Dan and Marci - and The Team

Dr. Dan Crain came to public attention as one of the very few scientists from Area-51/S4 who had ever come forward to tell of his experiences at that remote and secretive base in the Nevada desert. Most of the people he worked with (in Project Aquarius) are now dead - but thankfully Dan was highly favored by the person in charge of Majestic (during those years), and survived his experiences at that location.

Unfortunately, what he knew made him into a prisoner, living under horrific conditions and subjected to abuse, and even torture so that the people in charge at the time (Majestic-12) would always have access to his talents in microbiology, and that he would always be at BlackOps disposal. Unknown to most and assisted by Dr. Marcia (then McDowell) Crain. Dan and Marci struggled against his captivity and battled overwhelming odds for him to be free that took almost 18 years of dedicated effort.

We will be adding pages with more about Drs. Dan and Marci as well as the team. If you are interested in learning more, in the mean time, check out The Golden Thread Forum, where there is a vast amount of information available.

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