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Rev. Dr. Dan Crain, stands in the blast of smoke and poison gasses that billowed out from a struture fire in Las Vegas. A tragedy far greater than the burning building took place just a few feet to his north.  A young woman, had fled back into the burning structure to try to save her little dog. Neither of them came out until several hours later, in a small bag placed on a gurney and transported to a funeral home.  Drs Dan and Marci had been on the scene for at least an hour before she snapped this photo, and a few others.  Please remember her and her grieving family and friends in your prayers, meditations and send positive energy along if you can.

This is Wrong. We are America, not Nazi Germany! We have no business caging children! We must not separate them from their parents.CLICK HERE to go to Eagles Disobey's backpage1 for more information.....


Courtesy of NASA - International Space Station


Live View of Earth




ANGEL EAGLES - Eagles Disobey's Humanitarian Outreach - 10 years and still going strong.

Angel Eagles - Humanitarian Outreach
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Dr. Dan's Personal Blog


Dr. Dan Crain has continued to study Mars, with special interest in certain areas.  It looks like others were interested in the same areas!  This is going to be interesting as it unfolds.


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